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How to choose the powder compacting press machine for Piezo Technology?

How to choose the powder compacting press machine for Piezo Technology?

Powder compacting press machine

Last Updated on September 18, 2021 by You Ling

Here are lots of ways to produce piezo ceramic in manufacture. the powder compacting press machine must be a very important production tool. So how to choose the machine for our Piezo Technology? Let’s have a look.


HPP-S series of presses are suitable for powder metallurgy, fine ceramics, magnetic materials, and relevant industries that need powder to suppress it, the powder products of the especially complicated form are done and keep compacting automatically.


(1) The suppress the action of the upper punch adopts the link mechanism that is suitable for the characteristic of powder suppress, it has offered abundant suppressing times, the requesting mobile to the powder is reduced to some extent too.
(2) Adopt the die floating technology and regular ejection position principle,the seat of the products that come out from press is constant.It can be pressed 3 times unmeanwhile( pressed in advance, pressed in step with and upper pressed).
(3) The pressure of the upper punch protect the knockout can be regulated,it helps dispel the product’s crack because of expansion at the ejection.
(4) To suppress stroke, ejection stroke, pressed in advance stroke loading height and running speed.etc.parameter can be stepless changed,and have scale instructions.
(5) There is the underfill(overfill)feeding function on the regular stock,can prevent the powder from spraying and guaranteeing to feed steadily.
(6) These series of presses can dispose of various die set, can meet the needs of the compacting request for many steps and complex mode products.
(7) These series of presses adopt the intellectual man-machine interface, PLC, and a large amount of advanced technology and import components and parts, so the press is convenient to adjust and control.
(8) The presses have implemented the safety measures, and consider the safety of operating personal and attendants as fully as possible. The protective device accords with the latest security.
(9) The presses have many functions for choose: the manipulator, pneumatic core rod, and special core rod jigger.
(10) The structure of the press is simple and clear, the automatic degree is high, there are few troubles, it is simple to maintain, and it is especially suitable for suppressing the precision and complicated products.
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